Saturday, November 27, 2010


I was walking in the reserve when I came across an owls nest, it was so cool it had so many mice skulls inside. I had to take a few photos, certainly interesting!


  1. That's a very impressive collection of bones! Someone must have been peckish.
    I don't get to see many owls around here. We had a really severe dry season the year before last (10 months without rain) and it wiped out almost all of the rodents, and so the owls disappeared too. The mice are starting to make a come back this year, so hopefully I'll be owl-full again soon.

  2. Hi Lynda

    Yes it is very impressive.
    That is terrible, I hope you have lots of owls this year.
    Do you have an e-mail address? if you do you could give it to me so that we can talk on e-mail and it might be quicker than through our blogs.
    I will put a picture of an owl on my blog so you can see.

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