Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Today my injections arrived at my gran and grandpa's house but we met the doctor at the hospital who helped me to do the injection. One had to go into my tummy which was for my Red Blood Cells, The other on went into my vein which is for Iron. I have these injections ones a month.

Monday, March 26, 2012


I went into theatre and had a Peritoneal tube inserted into my tummy. I have had this in me for 3 weeks and it is going very well. My mom does all the connecting for me but she is going to be teaching me how to do it on my own. I put 1liter in me every 4 hours 4 times a day. 


On the 23d Feb I had a Kidney Biopsy again I was not asleep just a little out of it. After the kidney biopsy I went back to the ward and after half an hour after that I landed up in ICU because of high blood pressure and an allergic reaction to the medication. My mom stayed with me until 2o'clock in the morning waiting for blood to arrive so that I could have a blood transfusion. After it arrived my mom went down to the ward and went to bed. The nurses said I was so white the only time they could tell if I was in the bed was when I opened my eyes. I don't remember much from ICU but I do know the nurses were very nice and very kind.

It left a very ugly bruise but it has healed nicely. 


This is the port the doctor put in my neck for Haemodialysis. I was awake for this too when they put it in my neck. They gave me a numbing injection which I had a reaction to, I jumped up and started shaking and they needed to put me on oxygen, after that I was fine and back in the ward. The port is now out my neck and has just left a little scar.


This is where they did the bone marrow testing on my back. It was very painful when they did it because I was not asleep so I could feel everything. The feeling was like a nail going into my bone. It left a very small hole on my back but it is healing very very nicely.


On the 15th of February we flew SAA to South Africa. The flight was very full and very busy but other than that it was a very soft flight and we had a very nice landing.
                  Getting onto the plane            Taking off          

In the air         Landing in SA