Saturday, February 19, 2011


 We have got a little monkey that is about 2 months old,  His name is Michael Jackson and for short MJ,  The reason why we called him that was because Michael Jackson always wore a white glove on his hand when he was on stage and our Michael Jackson (monkey) has got a white hand just like a glove!  MJ is a vervet monkey that we got at a place called 'HOPE VILLAGE' in a little town called Chikawa. Unfortunately these people did not look after this little monkey they did not give him any liquids which made him very dehydrated and only fed him mango's for 2 months and now this poor little monkey is just skin and bone.


  1. Looks like little freckles on his nose. "And what big eyes you have, grandma!"

  2. Ha,ha,ha,ha he is very cute!